Non-Slip Camouflage Vetfleece

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Non-Slip version of The Original Vetfleece.

It is available as a pre-cut pad size, a half width roll 75cm wide and a full width roll 150cm wide. Rolls can easily be cut down to size with a craft knife to suit your requirements whereas the pre-cut sizes are already pre-cut to popular sizes.

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This Non-Slip version of The Original Vetfleece, has had ribs of rubber compound added to the back of the original to make it Non-Slip. This makes it ideal for polished floors, transport cages, etc. The luxurious deep pile is the ideal companion for your pet; it features a soft and comfortable fleece top that retains heat keeping your pet nice and cosy.

All our Vetfleece bedding is manufactured in Yorkshire and we have over 35 years of experience with the medical grade fleece which is manufactured to the same exacting standards as required by the NHS. We recommend that it is washed on a wool cycle in your washing machine and can be tumble dried on a cool setting. It should be washed at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees, but repeated washing at this temperature can reduce the life span of the backing.

Many of our customers use this vet bed for different animals, such as; Cat bed, dog bed, mice bedding, horse blankets, kitten beds, puppies bedding etc. Pro breeders use vet fleece in the whelping box because of its ability to provide a dry and safe environment for young puppies.

We do not recommend that the Non-Slip is used for puppies or other animals that are likely to chew the backing. The main properties of Vetfleece include:

  • 1. Liquid drains through keeping your pet dry and comfortable.
  • 2. Non Allergenic.
  • 3. Non Toxic.
  • 4. Non Irritant.
  • 5. Does not harbour Bacterial growth.
  • 6. Quick Drying.
  • 7. 30mm pile.
  • 8. 1250gsm.
  • 9. Easy to cut and resize into smaller pieces.
  • 10. Non-Slipped backing on fleece prevents movement.

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