Frequently Asked Questions

All of our vet fleece comes with a sewn on washing label. We recommended that the Greenback Vetfleece is washed at 40°C, but vet fleece can handle much higher washing temperatures of up to Autoclavable standard 120°,which is normally used in veterinarian practices to kill all bacteria but this temperature does shorten the life time of the vet fleece if used all the time. Our non-slip fleece can be washed at temperatures upto 40°C, any hotter than this and the backing can start to deteriorate.

You can cut vetfleece at home by using a Stanley knife, accompanied by a marker pen and ruler this will ensure the best results from cutting. Please watch our demonstration video on how to cut vetfleece, of which our links are situated on our main page, Facebook page or YouTube page. We advise to use a Stanley knife and not a pair of scissors, as scissors will cut through the pile of the fleece leaving a tapered edge.

It certainly is, Vetfleece is suitable for all types of animals, People use Vet Fleece in numerous situations for their pets. It is even safe for children!

Sure, we can supply full rolls of vetfleece but this needs to be ordered over the telephone as roll sizes can vary. We will have to check the roll length before quoting. Please ring the office on 01262 606 100.

The largest cut size we sell is 118″ x 30″, but we can supply larger peices on request. As with our roll pricing, please contact our office on 01262 606100 for more information.

Yes it is, we manufacture all our fleece in our purpose built textime mill. You can read more about our mill and our manufaturing process by clicking here

This is a little difficult to answer, Vetfleece can last for many years when cared for correctly. We cannot give an exact lifespan as it depends on how it is treated, how often it’s used, how often it’s washed, even what your pet may or may not have been rolling in.

Your in the right place. While we do supply other distributors & retailers direct, we guarantee that you won’t find genuine Vetfleece cheaper anywhere else. You can also find us on eBay & Amazon

We’re always happy to accommodate, though you can’t order online at at the moment, please call our office on 01262 606100 so we can prepare a delivery quote for you. We have previously supplied customers in the following countries:

Not me personally, but all of our pets sleep on Vetfleece.

Vetfleece is a Vet grade fleece cage liner. Vetfleece is ideal for lining a cage with its non allergenic properties etc.

Absolutely! Inco pads are vetfleeces best friend. These help with the prevention of water trails from the whelping cage or pen. We even have our own range of washable and disposable inco pads. We do recommend that you purchase Greenback vetfleece for this purpose, the backing is specially designed to allow fluids to easily pass through and straight onto the inco pad, where as the non-slip backing is made or rubber. While there are gaps/spaces in the backing the fluid will not pass through as easily.

Vetfleece is made of 100% polyester. One of polyester’s properties is that it’s liquid repelant so it won’t absord any liquid or any dyes or colourants that may be in the liquid. So no, it won’t stain!

Vetfleece can sometimes have a slight smell, this is due to the way our fleece is manufactured, but be assured that this will fade & is not toxic or offensive in any way. Plus Vetfleece is liquid repelant, so you fleece shouldn’t pick up any new smealls either.

Vetfleece will not moult, but there will be some slight fraying at the edges. This is normal and will stop after the first couple of washes.

The best way to know you’ve got genuine Vetfleece is to buy it direct from us right here on our website, on our eBay store or on our Amazon store. Other retailers do sell genuine Vetfleece too, if you have bought a piece of Vetfleece elsewhere make sure it has it will have the Vetfleece logo on the washing instructions label. There is a misconception that if it has a greenback then it is genuine vetfleece. Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous retailers out there selling inferior fleece products so please be wary when purchasing online.

IF EATEN PLEASE SEEK VETERINARIAN ADVICE STRAIGHT AWAY. Our Vetfleece has a tough and tightly knit backing to prevent your pet eating the fleece but there are some pets out there that will not stop at anything just to try and eat it and you as an owner will be aware if you have a pet like this.

Absolutely not, we designed Vetfleece with longevity in mind, your Vetfleece should last many years no matter how many times it’s washed.

If your order is placed before 2pm we will send your item by Royal mail second class the same day so you should receive it in a couple of days. If you need it faster than that then we offer a 24Hr courier service although their is an additional charge for this service.

You can order bespoke shapes and sizes but this will need to be ordered over the telephone 01262 606 100. if it is a bespoke shape it is sometimes easier if you watch our YouTube video on how to cut and order a size a little bigger than the shape you would like.

Yes of course this is one of the best products that you can buy for a sick animal as it gives them warmth and comfort but also lets any fluids pass through. This vet fleece is known as veterinary fleece as it is favourably used in veterinary practices.