Original Heavy Duty Greenback Fleece


  • Versatile Usage: Vetfleece is suitable for various animals, including cats, dogs, mice, horses, kittens, and puppies, making it ideal for kennels, catteries, and professional breeders.
  • Comfort and Warmth: The deep pile fleece top retains heat, ensuring pets remain cosy and comfortable.
  • Hygienic and Durable: This bedding is medical and veterinary grade, meeting NHS standards. It’s non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritant, and resistant to bacterial growth.
  • Easy Maintenance: Vetfleece can be machine washed on a wool cycle and cool tumble dried. For thorough cleaning, it can be autoclaved or washed at 120 degrees, though frequent high-temperature washing may shorten its lifespan.
  • High-Quality Construction: Features a double-woven green back that prevents chewing, with a 32-35mm pile and a weight of 1500gsm, ensuring durability and comfort.
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The Original Heavy Duty Greenback Fleece. This medical and veterinary grade bedding is used by those involved in the care and welfare of all kinds and breeds of animal.  Our Vetfleece is used in kennels and cages as bedding for sick and recuperating as well as whelping animals. Many kennels, catteries and top breeders use Vetfleece as standard bedding for all their animals.

Our green backed fleece with its luxurious deep pile is the original Vetfleece, and therefore, the ideal companion for your pet. Firstly, its soft and comfortable fleece top retains heat and secondly, it keeps your pet nice and cosy. Here in our Yorkshire Mill, we manufacture Vetfleece and have over 35 years of experience. This medical and veterinary grade fleece is made to the same exacting high standards as required by the NHS.

We have the green back added to distinguish between the two main fleeces we manufacturer, Greenback and Non-Slip. We recommend that it is washed on a wool cycle in your washing machine and on the cool setting to tumble dry. It can be autoclaved or washed at 120 degrees to kill any bacteria, but repeated washing at this temperature can reduce the fleece life span.

Many of our customers use Vetfleece for a variety of purposes such as cat beds, dog beds, mice bedding, horse blankets, kitten beds, puppy bedding etc. Professional breeders use Vetfleece in the whelping box because of its ability to provide a dry and safe environment for young puppies.

The main properties of Original Heavy Duty Greenback Fleece include:

1. Liquid drains through keeping your pet dry and comfortable.

2. Non Allergenic.

3. Non Toxic.

4. Non Irritant.

5. Does not harbour Bacterial growth.

6. Autoclaved machine washed at 90 degrees.

7. Quick Drying.

8. Double Woven green back helps to prevent the fleece from being chewed.

9. 32-35mm pile.

10. 1500gsm.

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