Vetfleece Laundry Wash Bag


  • Versatile: Suitable for washing pet coats, bedding, and accessories
  • Filtration system: Protects your washing machine from pet hair and loose fibres
  • Hook and Loop strip: Traps pet hair and loose Vetfleece fibres for easy removal
  • Material: Made from durable, easy-to-clean 100% polyester
  • Autoclavable: Can be superheated to kill harmful bacteria
  • Aesthetic: Comes in sky blue with a Vetfleece logo embroidered
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This fetching laundry bag is an indispensable tool for pet owners who regularly wash their pet’s belongings. The chunky zip closure keeps everything secure inside, making it suitable for a variety of pet-related products like coats, clothing, Vetfleece, pet bedding, and duvet covers. Moreover, this laundry bag is also useful for washing pet towels, throws, soft toys, as well as collars and harnesses. It acts as a filtration system, keeping your washing machine clean by capturing hair, fibres, and other debris that would otherwise make their way into the machine.

The interior of the laundry bag features a 3-inch hook and loop strip, specifically designed to trap pet hair and loose fibres during the wash cycle. This ensures that these unwanted elements can be easily removed later by hand or with a pet brush. In essence, the bag minimises the strain on your washing machine, serving as a pre-filter to protect the appliance’s inner workings.

Constructed from easy-to-clean, 100% polyester fabric, the bag is designed to stand the test of time. Additionally, it features a covered zip housing, which not only protects the zip but also safeguards your washing machine. The bag arrives with two pop-button hanging tabs, making it convenient for you to hang it up to dry once the wash is complete.

For those concerned about hygiene, this laundry bag comes with an added benefit—it can be autoclaved. This means the fabric can be superheated to 120 degrees Celsius to kill any harmful bacteria and lice. This is a particularly useful feature for households with pets who frequently go outdoors or have been infested.

The laundry bag comes in a pleasing sky-blue shade, with the Vetfleece logo tastefully embroidered in the top right corner. The dimensions for the large bag are 36″ x 28″ (or 90cm x 73cm) and the small bag measures 27″ x 24″ (70cm x 60cm).

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