KOZEEPET Puppy Electric Heat Pad

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Here at Kozeepet® we have designed and created our greatest ever heat pad to the highest of standards, ensuring that your pet is as comfortable and kozee as it could possibly be in the safest way.

Our Heat Pad has a regulated temperature of 38 degrees which is the same as the womb of most animals before giving birth.

Safety : It only seems fair to test our product and be kind to our animals, so we tested on humans instead ! PLEASE NOTE no humans were hurt testing these heat pads. Joking aside we have created these heat pads to the same high standards as if the pads were for human use. we have a long list of British Standards codes that we have had to meet and unless you spend hours on Google checking each one, they mean nothing, so lets keep it basic.

Fire retardant cover.

2 Thermo cut off switches at 38C built in.

Splash proof pad.

Chew resistant cable.

Low voltage 12V DC pad.

AC-DC transformer.

Overheat cut out in transformer.

Splash proof transformer.

Double insulated transformer.

No hazadrous materials used.

Size: 17in x 13in (44 x 33cm).

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Dimensions 45 × 13 × 8 cm


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