Double Sided Pet Grooming Brush


Our pet brush features two sides, a metal pin side to aid with de-tangling your pets coat and a smooth nylon bristle side to smooth and shine.

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This pleasing and curvaceously shaped double sided pet grooming brush, fits snuggly in your hand. It features two unique sides; a supple rubber pad, housing a bed of round ended metal pins and a nylon bristled side. The rubber pad allows the pins to flex and move through your pet’s hair, de-matting your pet’s coat and leaving it tangle free. Whereas the nylon bristled side is much softer, giving a smooth and silky coat.

The Vetfleece double sided dog brush is also very good for removing dead and broken hair form your dog or cat which in turn, keeps the coat healthy. It also stimulates new growth and keeps the skin healthy whilst improving blood circulation. The brush is perfectly suited to short smooth coats, thick double coats, wire haired coats and long coats. Ideal for removing tangles, dead hair and maintaining your pets coat. This pet grooming brush is suitable for use with dogs, cats or rabbits.

There is also scientific evidence that using a grooming brush on your pet also reduces their stress levels and lowers blood pressure which results in a healthier, happier pet. While brushing your pet, this also allows you to check there general health by feeling for lumps or other abnormalities and catching any issues early. This also allows you to look for ticks when grooming your pet and should you find any, we would recommend the Tick-Off Remover.

It is good to start brushing you pet early in its life as it becomes used to it and it can become part of a daily routine and this also gets your pet used to being handled. Brushing your pet on a regular basis allows you to bond with your pet.

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