Jenny Wren Pet Mattress

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Our new mattresses have been created with your pets’ comfort in mind and with our beds having heat retentive and orthopaedic properties, it makes our pet beds among the best on the market. They’re perfect for all dogs and particularly arthritic dogs as it prevents them getting pressure sores because of the support of the soft material.

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Manufactured in four different and exciting colours such as Ruby Red, Royal Blue, Graphite and Light Grey, there’s a mattress to suit every pet. We use a chew resistant reinforced PVC tarpaulin material for the cover which ensures great strength and durability, it’s also hypo allergenic therefore there are no risks to your pet’s health.

Our covers are waterproof, and easily removeable. A simple wash with a cloth and hot water will increase the beds hygiene. You also needn’t worry about the cover being stained by unwanted mess as the material used is 100% stain proof.

We offer four different types of filling that we provide so you can find the perfect one for your pet.

Our upholstery foam filling provides comfort and warmth for your pet.

Our memory foam helps keep post-surgery animals comfortable and can aid a quicker recovery. The memory foam helps prevent pressure sores as the foam is soft and supportive yet the density ensures its longevity.

We also offer our ‘Permaloft’ hollow fibre polyester that is retained in multiple tubes ensuring the even distribution of the filling, guaranteeing your pets comfort at all times. The fibre filling has a cooling effect as it allows the passage of air through it.

4 Lastly, our polystyrene beads make our bed perfect for both old and young pets whether they like to stretch out or nest in their bed, the filling helps support the pets’ weight to maximise their comfort. The polystyrene beads have a warming effect as it tends to reflect body warmth.

There aren’t any dangerous zips or extra accessories on the mattresses, they are totally sealed with a hook and loop tape to ensure maximum safety for your pet.

We provide our mattresses in 10 different sizes, the smallest size being 60cm x 45cm x 5cm and our largest size is 140cm x 100cm x 10cm which is over double the size! We also have two different thicknesses, a 5cm thickness and a 10cm thickness so there’s more options!

Our Jenny Wren mattresses are manufactured in our Yorkshire mill to ensure the greatest quality control possible. Many of our customers like to add a piece of Vetfleece on top for extra comfort, this is machine washable and will keep your pets very warm and cosy.

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