Duratoy Rugby Ball Dog Chew Toy


  • Satisfies dog’s natural chewing instincts, providing lasting enjoyment.
  • Made from 100% non-allergenic, non-toxic, natural rubber.
  • Suitable for use with all breeds of dog.
  • Part of the Duratoy range of dog chew toys.
  • Lightweight and bouncy, perfect for playtime and bonding.
  • Helps alleviate anxiety by promoting relaxation and well-being.
  • Easy to clean and durable for long-lasting use.
  • Small: 10.3cm x 5.8cm – Weight: 78g.
  • Large: 14.6cm x 7.9cm – Weight: 214g.
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The Rugby Ball Dog Chew Toy satisfies your dog’s natural chewing instincts while providing lasting enjoyment. Skilfully made from 100% non-allergenic, non-toxic, natural rubber, this toy is safe for all dog breeds. Its lightweight design allows for enjoyable bouncing on hard surfaces, enhancing the play experience.

This easy to throw and fun-to-chase toy thoughtfully comes in two sizes to accommodate different dog breeds. The Small Rugby Ball, measuring 10.3cm long and 5.8cm wide, is perfect for smaller dogs. The compact size makes it effortless for your pet to play with and carry.

On the other hand, the Large Rugby Ball, measuring 14.6cm long and 7.9cm wide, is ideal for larger dogs. It offers the same fun as the smaller version but is better suited for bigger breeds. The larger rugby ball is notably thicker and heavier, posing a suitable challenge for stronger dogs.

As part of the Duratoy range, the Rugby Ball Dog Chew Toy prioritizes your dog’s comfort and enjoyment. The textured surface ensures an easy grip and satisfying chewing experience. Importantly, both small and large rugby balls cater to all breeds due to their non-allergenic and non-toxic materials.

Moreover, the Small Rugby Ball’s lightweight design makes it easy for small dogs to carry and chase. The bounciness keeps your dog entertained, making it perfect for playtime and bonding.

Additionally, the Rugby Ball Dog Chew Toy helps alleviate anxiety. Chewing on the toy enables dogs to release stress, promotes relaxation and helps with their well being. This feature makes it a valuable addition to your dog’s play time routine.

Lastly, cleaning the Rugby Ball Dog Chew Toy is a breeze, ensuring it stays fresh and ready for your dog to enjoy. With its durable construction, safe materials, and simple design, this toy is sure to become a favourite among furry friends.

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