Cardboard Flatpack Hygienic Whelping Box


  • A sturdy corrugated cardboard design with splashproof coating.
  • Inclusive protective chew rails along all top edging.
  • Puppy rails to prevent injury from tired mums.
  • Fully recyclable materials.
  • Small – 24” x 24″ x 13″.
  • Medium – 36” x 36″ x 16″.
  • Large – 48” x 48 x 18″.
  • Please note, Inconti-Pet Pad and Vetfleece sold separately.
Whelping Box Discount Code Offer
Whelping Box Discount Code Offer
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Cardboard whelping boxes have been a favourite product of hygiene conscious breeders for years. Avoiding cross contamination between litters and providing a safe environment for your new additions, it is the perfect solution for novices and breeders alike. Expertly designed from sturdy corrugated cardboard, the box provides the ideal environment for a new mum and her pups. Arriving flat packed, you’re only a quick and easy self-assembly away from being ready to go. These sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes are made from fully recyclable materials, so can easily be disposed of when no longer required. The inside of the boxes have a splashproof coating applied for added protection. Along the top edge of the box, protective rails (included) can be applied to prevent puppies from chewing. Inside the box, puppy rails are fitted for added strength and to prevent injury from tied mums. The Whelping Boxes are available in 3 sizes, Small measuring 24” x 24″ x 13″,  Medium measuring 36” x 36″ x 16″ and  Large measuring 48” x 48 x 18″.

To best approximate the minimum size needed, measure your expectant mother laid down and add 12 inches. This should allow for her to fit comfortably in the box whilst giving birth and permit room for pups until they’re ready for their forever home.

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Small 24" x 24" x 13", Medium 36" x 36" x 16", Large 48" x 48" x 18"


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