AK-9 Long Traffic Control Dog Lead


  • AK-9 XL Combat Clip Traffic Control Lead with Double Padded Handles | 75cm | Secure Heavy Duty Combat Clip with Quick-Release Lock | Ideal for Military Dogs.
  • HEAVY DUTY COMBAT CLIP – This lead features a strong, secure combat clip that is designed for strength and to keep a firm hold of your dog. This clasp is made from durable, aircraft-grade aluminium that is guaranteed to last the lifetime of your pet.
  • NYLON LEAD WITH REFLECTIVE TAPE – The lead is made from firmly woven nylon for added strength. A strip of reflective tape is woven into the lead to reflect bright lights. The lead (clip included) measures 75cm in length.
  • PADDED HANDLES WITH STAINLESS STEEL RING – The handles are soft, padded and feature a stainless steel accessory ring. The upper handle is good for maintaining control while allowing your dog some freedom whereas the lower handle is for close control.
  • QUICK RELEASE LOCK – This clasp is designed to lock securely when it comes into contact with an anchor point and unlock swiftly by pressing the two clips at either side together. This feature makes the lead ideal for training military type dogs.
  • AVAILABLE IN 8 COLOURS – This unique lead is available in eight bold and vibrant colours: Black, grey, blue, pink, orange, khaki, green, and purple. Each lead is presented in a pull string bag, which can be reused as a treat bag or similar if you so wished.
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Part of the AK-9 range, this quality combat clip traffic control lead is designed for working dogs, training dogs, military and guard dogs. This lead is designed to allow your dog some freedom while walking but also to keep your dog by your side at all times with the lower close control handle. This lead is 75cm long and works best on larger dogs such as Boxers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, etc. The combat clip is made from extremely strong, solid, aircraft-grade aluminium and is able to withstand rough, sudden tugs that would potentially break other clips. The combat clip is equipped with a quick-release lock that will guarantee your dog’s safety as it will snap and lock tightly once clipped onto your dog’s collar or harness and will release quickly when you press the two clips at either side simultaneously. The nylon lead has a long strip of reflective tape weaved into it to provide high visibility when caught in bright light, keeping both you and your dog safe when you go out for your night time walks. Both handles are soft, comfortable and thickly padded to improve your grip. The upper handle is large enough to slip over your wrist if you want a tighter hold on the lead whereas the lower handle is great for close control if you need to pull your dog in quickly. Attached to the upper handle is a stainless steel accessory ring that hangs loosely allowing you to easily attach a poo bag dispenser, a treat bag and other accessories or you could even connect it to a hands-free dog walking belt. You have the choice of eight beautifully strong colours: Black, blue, green, grey, khaki, orange, pink and purple. The lead will arrive neatly folded inside a bag which can then be repurposed to be used as a treat bag or anything else you can think of.

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Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Khaki, Orange, Pink, Purple


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