AK-9 Dog Slip Lead


  • AK-9 Slip Lead with Soft Ribbed Handle | 120cm | Unique No-Clip Slip Loop with Rubber Stopper | Manipulate into a Muzzle | Ideal for Training Dogs.
  • NO COLLAR REQUIRED – This slip lead is designed to be easily slipped over your dog’s head. No need to fuss with clips. The adjustable slip hoop can be moved up and down along the rope along with the rubber stopper to fit the size of your dog’s neck.
  • NYLON ROPE WITH REFLECTIVE TAPE – The rope is made from firmly woven nylon to add strength. A strip of reflective tape is woven into the rope to reflect any light that catches it. The entire lead (handle included) at its full length measures 120cm.
  • RIBBED HANDLE WITH STAINLESS STEEL RING – The handle is soft and ribbed for improved grip and features a stainless steel accessory ring. The handle is large enough to be either held by hand or looped around your wrist so you can hold onto the lead.
  • MANIPULATE INTO A MUZZLE – The flexible rope can be twisted and manipulated into a figure-of-eight, which can then be put over your dog’s head and onto their nose to be used as a type of muzzle. This may shorten the lead greatly, depending on the dog.
  • AVAILABLE IN 8 COLOURS – This unique lead is available in eight bold and vibrant colours: Black, grey, blue, pink, orange, green, khaki and purple. Each lead is presented in a pull string bag, which can be reused as a treat bag or similar if you so wished.
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Part of the AK-9 range, this quality slip lead is designed to be quick and easy to slip onto your dog without the hassle of attaching a fiddly clip lead to a collar or harness. This slip lead can be used on dogs of varied sizes to train them not to tug as the slip hoop will tighten when they do so and become slack again when they ease up. The size of the hoop can be adjusted to fit your dog’s neck by sliding the rubber stopper and durable stainless steel ring that holds the rope loop together up or down the lead. It can also be manipulated into a figure-of-eight shape to be used as a muzzle for tougher dogs. The nylon rope has a long strip of reflective tape weaved into it to provide high visibility when caught in bright light, keeping both you and your dog safe when you go out for your night time walks. The handle is soft, comfortable and ribbed to improve your grip and is large enough to slip over your wrist if you prefer to hold onto the lead. Attached to the handle is a stainless steel accessory ring that hangs loosely allowing you to easily attach a poo bag dispenser, a treat bag and other accessories or you could even connect it to a hands-free dog walking belt. For the hoop to actually slip when in use you will need to ensure that the sliding loop ring is facing towards you and not away from you otherwise the lead will just continue to tighten should your dog pull at all. You have the choice of eight beautifully strong colours: Black, grey, blue, pink, orange, green, khaki and purple. The lead will arrive neatly folded inside a bag which can then be repurposed to be used as a treat bag or anything else you can think of.


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Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Khaki, Orange, Pink, Purple


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