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Pet Profile: Rabbit

Pet Profile - Rabbits

Rabbits are becoming increasingly popular pets across the UK. It is now estimated in early 2024, that 1.5 million are kept as pets in gardens up and down the country. This comes as no surprise as they are cute, intelligent, inquisitive playful animals, which can bring endless joy. Rabbits come in a range of breeds and sizes, and typically live between 8-12 years when cared for correctly.

Pet Profile - Rabbits
Rabbits cannot be housed alone as this goes against their natural behaviour. In the wild they would live in groups and this would be essential to survival. They groom each other, keep each other warm and also alleviate stress by offering protection. Rabbits which are kept without a companion can develop abnormal behaviours which can be detrimental to their health.

Rabbits are extremely active animals and need plenty of space to run, stretch, play and hide. The minimum hutch/house requirement is 6′ by 2′ (180cm by 60cm). Your rabbit must be able to do 3 full hops and stand up on their back legs. They also require access to a run for around 6-10 hours per day, which needs to be at least 3m long by 2m wide. Rabbits need plenty of places to hide as they are prey animals, which means they naturally become startled easily.

Pet Profile - Rabbit Fact
Rabbits Eating Grass

Don’t be fooled by their timed nature, they are extremely playful. Plenty of toys, things to climb on and chew material is essential to keeping them occupied. Rabbits require a specific diet which consists mainly of hay and water which must be provided fresh on a daily basis.

When hay becomes soiled, your rabbit cannot eat it. This can lead to gastro-issues as hay is essential to your rabbit’s digestion. They also require nuggets, which provide all other nutritional needs, along with a small amount of fresh greens and the occasional treat.

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  1. Rabbits really thrive as free roaming house pets as well. Houses can be bunny proofed just like we proof our homes when it comes to cats and dogs. For those bunnies who prefer an outdoor life there is nothing better than a bunny shed and an aviary style run that allows them to binky ( literally jumping for joy) and zoom like nobun is watching. And you are right, bunnies need the company of other bunnies to live their best lives.

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