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How To Teach Your Dog To Heel

Training your do to heel

With your dogs lead clipped on and ready to go on your walk, you need to get into your starting position. Hold your lead in one hand, and a treat in the other. Ask you dog to sit next to you, so you are facing the same direction, reward once sat calmly. This is your starting position. If once you have given your dog the treat they try to walk off and pull, use another treat to bring them back, so they are stood next to you with no tension on the lead.
With a treat in your hand, let your dog sniff your hand. Then, raise your hand to your shoulder and give the instruction “heel” and take a step forward. Stop then feed your dog the treat for following you.
You now want to keep repeating step 2. Every time your dog pulls away from your side, you want to say your command “heel” with your treat
in hand at your shoulder. Once next to you (sitting or standing) with no tension on the lead, you want to say the verbal command “heel” and give them the treat.
Keep practicing steps 1-3. You want to aim to increase the amount of steps taken in between giving a treat. Aim for your dog walking by your side with no tension on your lead and rewarding this as you are walking without needing to stop to reward.
Its important to remember dogs are all different and have varying attention spans. Whilst some dogs are very focused and will pick this up very quickly. Others may seem to not respond at all at first. Remember to be consistent, even if you feel you are getting no results, its just going to take a little more time for them to understand what you are expecting from them. Remain patient, and keep practicing in regular, short training sessions. You can start in your home or garden at first so there are fewer distractions.

How to teach your dog to heel
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