Mutt and Bailey Noodle Drying Glove


  • Super soft ultra absorbent microfibre noodles.
  • Quickly and easily dry your pet after wet or muddy walks.
  • Soaks up moisture and dirt from places towels don’t reach.
  • Large surface area 23cm x 29cm.
  • Ideal for talking on walks or keeping at home.
  • Machine washable and quick drying.

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Part of the Mutt and Bailey range, this super soft noodle drying glove is perfect for quickly drying your dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, and other mischievous pets that like to get messy. This high quality noodle glove is specifically designed to soak up water, collect mud and dirt, and dry your pet, all at once. The thick, soft noodles that make up the top of the drying glove are made from an ultra absorbent microfibre polyester which separate the fur and soak up any hard-to-reach moisture more efficiently than a regular towel. The glove allows you to have more control on where and how hard you dry your pet whilst also giving them a soothing massage as you will be able to replicate a gentle stroking motion to relax them. This little glove is small enough to be taken with you when you go on holiday or even when you go hiking but it’s large enough to not only be comfortable for you to use but also to cover and dry your dog’s coat and muddy paws without becoming too wet. The glove is suitable for all size hands and is soft and comfortable to hold as well as easy to grip. If the noodles collect foul-smelling liquid or become too dirty, the glove can be popped in the washing machine at 30°C and can be tumble dried on a low heat to restore it to its original, fresh, odour-free state. It’s available in dark grey: a colour that matches any décor.

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