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UK Manufacturers

Our manufacturing journey begins with our QC department which ensures that only the finest materials available are used in its production.

The polyester fibres are sourced from the most ecologically conscious producers from around the world.

Checkout our manufacuring process


Carding & Blending: The carding machines ensure that the fibres are colinear with as close to a homogeneous blend as possible. The majority of colours have a percentage of at least one other colour in the blend. Our carding machines output the fibres in a continuous “sliver” or pony tail, this is how it has to be fed into the knitting machines.

Knitting: Our knitting machines make the fleece in a two stage process. They are circular knitting machines and knit a sock of yarn of about 2 foot (60cm) diameter, and whilst doing so weave a small amount of the sliver into the sock.

Shearing: When the fibres are woven into the sock they are not always of an even length, so the fabric has to go through a shearing process, these machines are like large lawn mowers with very sharp blades spinning at high speed. We use two machines in tandem to ensure a perfectly even cut.

Backcoating: The final stage of the manufacturing process is the application of the backcoating, whether it is the greenback or the ribbed non slip. The back coating liquid is supplied to a trough, as the fabric passes underneath, the liquid is smeared onto the fabric. The liquid soaks into the yarn sock, and then passes through a large heated chamber, this oven cures the backcoating sealing the fibres into the sock and fixing the width.