Incontinence Washable Puppy Training Pad 80cm x 66cm

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  • Size: 80cm x 66cm.
  • Perfect for toilet training.
  • Great for whelping.
  • Saves money on disposables.
  • Retains liquids to protect the floor.
  • Machine washable, and can be tumble dried.

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These high quality washable absorbent underpads are ideal for use with pet training or for whelping bitches.

The size of these large pads is 80cm x 66cm and features a breathable plastic backing to protect the floor, a brushed knitted polyester one way top layer to keep the surface dry and a super absorbent soaker in the centre.

They can be washed at up to 95 degree for infection control, but washing under normal conditions at 40 degrees will extend their useful life, they can be tumble dried on low heat. The use of conditioners will prevent them functioning correctly.

Although the initial cost is higher, they do offer considerable savings over the longer term, and are kinder on the environment.

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