Dogsbody Waterproof Multi Length Dog Lead


  • Dogsbody Biothane Lead | Waterproof | Wipe Clean | Double Snap On Clips | 1.5m / 1.7m | Available in 6 Colours | Suitable for Various Dog Breeds
  • DOUBLE CLIPS – This lead features two snap on clips that can rotate 360° to prevent tangling. This is also handy if you want to walk two dogs at once or clip the lead to a dog walking belt for you to keep your hands free.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL – Thanks to the clips at either end of the lead and the conveniently placed d-rings you can use this lead in more than one way: you can use the lead at full length, half length, walk one or two dogs together, and more.
  • WIPE CLEAN – Due to the Biothane material, this lead is perfect for messy and adventurous dogs as you can simply wipe away any dirt or mud with ease; no need for hard scrubbing to try and remove stubborn marks and stains.
  • FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE – This lead is extremely flexible and will twist and bend itself to keep up with your dog on long walks or hiking trips. Its thick, rubber-like material will also allow it to stand up to scratches and rough play.
  • AVAILABLE IN 2 LENGTHS AND 6 COLOURS – The short lead measures at 1.5m long and 1.3cm wide and the long lead measures at 1.7m long and 2cm wide. These leads are available in black, grey, navy, pink, red, and purple.
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Part of the Dogsbody range, this handy waterproof dog lead is great for walking two dogs at once or if you want a bit of variety in the length without the hassle of holding onto excess lead. Made from Biothane, this lead is waterproof, flexible, and tough which makes it the perfect accessory for your adventurous friend. This lead features two snap on clips which can be used in a variety of different ways: you can hold the lead at full length, use both clips on two separate dogs and hold the middle, hook the upper clip onto the nearby d-ring to form a handle, hook the upper clip onto the lower d-ring to half the length of the lead, hook the lower clip onto the upper d-ring to shorten the lead that can also be wrapped around your body, or you could attach one end to a dog walking belt and the other end to your dog’s collar to allow you to use the lead at full length while also keeping your hands free. The d-rings are strong and will allow you to attach accessories such as a poo bag holder, treat bag, etc. This lead can be used on all sorts of different dog breeds, although we recommend using this lead for non-pulling dogs. Unlike nylon or leather leads, this Biothane lead is so easy to clean: simply wipe off the muck with a damp cloth and leave to dry; no hard scrubbing required. This lead comes in six colours: Black, grey, navy, pink, red, and purple. It’s also available in two lengths: 1.5m (1.3cm wide) and 1.7m (2cm wide).

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Black, Grey, Navy, Pink, Purple, Red


1-7m x 20mm, 1.5m x 13mm


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