AK-9 In Car Anti-Shock Dog Safety Seat Belt


  • AK-9 In-Car Safety Belt | Adjustable from 53cm to 75cm | 360° Swivel Combat Clip | Available in 8 Colours | Prevents Injury to your dog when travelling.
  • 360° SWIVEL COMBAT CLIP – This safety belt features a sturdy combat clip that is designed to withstand pulling pressure from sudden tugs. The 360° swivel combat clip will prevent the belt from tangling around itself while your pet moves.
  • NYLON BELT WITH REFLECTIVE TAPE – The belt is made from double stitched nylon for added strength. A strip of reflective tape is woven into the belt to reflect bright lights. The belt is adjustable from 53cm to 75cm using the slider.
  • ELASTIC BUNGEE END – At one end of the belt is an elasticated bungee to help protect your pet from sudden braking or sharp turns. NEVER attach this belt to your pet’s collar as the sudden pull will choke and possibly injure your dog.
  • IDEAL FOR DOGS OF ALL SIZES AND BREEDS – This belt is strong enough to support dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages. Please ensure you have a suitable harness to attach the belt to, as an uncomfortable harness may cause injury if pulled on.
  • AVAILABLE IN 8 COLOURS – This belt is available in eight colours: black, blue, green, grey, khaki, orange, pink and purple. If you intend to travel during the night then we recommend the green as  you will be able to see the entire belt in the dark.
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Part of the AK-9 range, this quality in-car safety belt is designed to keep your dogs safe when travelling in vehicles. This belt is available in only one size, however it can be adjusted using the slider to go from 53cm up to 75cm. This belt is specifically designed to plug into your vehicle’s seatbelt slot and attach to your dog’s harness to keep them in place while you concentrate on driving. The seatbelt lead will also prevent your dog from flying forward or sliding off the seat if you need to brake suddenly or make a sharp turn, which could possibly injure or startle your dog. The nylon belt has a long strip of reflective tape woven into it to provide high visibility when caught in bright light, so you can keep an eye on your dog even when in the dark. The combat  clip can rotate 360° to prevent the belt from tangling and twisting. At the seatbelt slot of the belt is an elasticated bungee which will help prevent any sudden tugs and pulls from harming your dog and damaging their harness. NEVER attach this belt to your dog’s collar as any sudden rough pressure to your dog’s neck could choke and injure them. Attach this belt to a comfortable, strong harness to even out any pressure applied to your dog’s chest. This belt is available in eight colours: black, blue, green, grey, khaki, orange, pink and purple.

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Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Khaki, Orange, Pink, Purple


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