RSPCA Support

Vetfleece RSPCA Donation

‘A percentage of all sales is donated to the RSPCA’

At Vetfleece, we are very proud to share that we are now partnered with the RSPCA. With every piece of Vetfleece purchased, a donation is made to the RSPCA, helping the charity with their mission to prevent cruelty, promote kindness and alleviate suffering of animals.

The RSPCA are the oldest animal welfare charity and were the first to introduce a law to prevent and stop animal cruelty. They have continued their hard work towards ensuring no animal suffers, whether this be a pet, wild animal or fam livestock. Last year alone, the RSPCA rescued over 102,900 animals.

Our love towards all animals is what has driven us towards our partnership with the RSPCA. We aim to support their values of ensuring that every pet is cared for and has a good home, ending cruelty to pets, raising standards for animals kept as pets worldwide and stopping pet over population.

We proudly promote the RSPCA on all of our fleeces by featuring them on our labels, with the aim to raise awareness of the charity and all the fantastic work they do.