Have you heard of "The Big Tick Project" or "Tick Awareness Month", this is the time of year when these disease carrying bugs are most likely to appear on your pet.
As a previous customer we are pleased to be able to offer to you a FREE "Tick-off.me", this tick removing tool is the only one to be supplied in three convenient sizes to ensure the correct size for your pet’s most unwelcome guest.

Full instructions for the operation of these "Tick-off.me" tick removers are on the reverse of the packet, simply "Choose" the correct size, slide under the ticks body to "Engage" and "Twist it" to remove.

If you wish to know more about the two projects detailed above, Google them for further information.

For your Free "Tick-off.me", visit our website at www.vetfleece.co.uk and place your order, all orders over £12.00 placed on our website will receive a FREE "Tick-off.me" tick remover set, this offer is valid until 23:00 on October 25th.

Kind Regards,
Richard Ward
Managing Director