It's usually around this time of year that we start thinking about taking a break from the daily slog. If you have a dog, organising a well deserved holiday can sometimes mean a lot of extra planning and stress with kennels or dog sitters. For those pet owners who don't like the thought of leaving their family pet in the strange soundings of a kennel or the extra costs, a UK holiday with your dog is a great solution.

If this sounds like something that would interest you and your family, here are a few things you might want to consider before you and your dog start your holiday adventure:

Find the right accommodation - In the UK, there are thousands of dog-friendly hotels, cottages, B&B's and campsites that advertise on the internet, but which will be best for you and your dog? If you own a caravan, your dog will be used to the layout and scents so will be more relaxed during your stay. Hotels or B&B's typically have very little room for your dog to roam around and you won't be able to leave the dog on its own. A rental property or a cottage in a resort may come with several housekeeping rules about where your dog is allowed to go, with bedrooms and furniture usually forbidden. For those which are more relaxed about where your dog can go, it's advisable to take some form of cover for the furniture and beds that your dog can sleep on.

Is your dog up to date on injections and micro-chipped? - Being in new soundings can be a fun game for your dog, but they can quickly get disorientated. Having a microchip will help you find your dog if it gets lost.

Keep it constant - To make sure your dog stays happy, keep your daily routines as normal as possible. Food and water bowls, beds and toys will all carry the smells of home. Taking these items with familiar scents will help to avoid any undue stress.

Comfortable travel - Regular stops during the journey and access to plenty of water will stop your dog becoming uncomfortable and antsy. If you use a Vetfleece bed at home, this can be popped into your car to provide a comfy and familiar base to sit upon.

Do your research - Find out if there are any dog-friendly beaches, pubs, cafe's or restaurants so your dog doesn't have to be left alone for too long. A quick search on Google will help you to find out the best local walks in the area, print out maps and make sure you have the correct equipment for the terrain (walking boots, waterproofs etc). It's also a good idea to find the details of local vets, just in case.

Protect the furniture - If your dogs are used to sitting on the furniture at home, it may be difficult to stop them at your holiday rental. If you are travelling with your Vetfleece, you can use this to protect the armchairs, sofas or beds from hair, mud or doggy smells.

Wherever you decide to go on holiday, we'd love to see pictures of you and your pet and the adventures you get up to. Send these to us at [email protected]