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Training your do to heel

How To Teach Your Dog To Heel

STEP 1With your dogs lead clipped on and ready to go on your walk, you need to get into your starting position. Hold your lead

Caring For Arthritic Pets
Top Tips

Caring For An Arthritic Pet

When your dog’s favourite run becomes a stiff walk, getting up from the comfy bed is now accompanied by a groan and a growl and

Vetfleece Top Crufts Facts

Vetfleece Top Crufts Facts

Adored by dog lovers all over the world, Crufts was founded in 1891 by dog biscuit salesman, Charles Cruft and has grown in popularity to

Pet Profile - Rabbits
Pet Profile

Pet Profile: Rabbit

Rabbits are becoming increasingly popular pets across the UK. It is now estimated in early 2024, that 1.5 million are kept as pets in gardens