• Caring For An Arthritic Pet
    When your dog’s favourite run becomes a stiff walk, getting up from the comfy bed is now accompanied by a groan and a growl and running up the stairs is just too big of a mountain to climb. These will all be familiar scenarios for senior dog owners. You want nothing more then to be able to take away the […]
  • The Canine Bakery – Doggy Scotch Eggs
    Why not treat your dog to a special canine scotch egg that is good and healthy for them. Only includes dog safe ingredients.
  • Vetfleece Top Crufts Facts
    Adored by dog lovers all over the world, Crufts was founded in 1891 by dog biscuit salesman, Charles Cruft and has grown in popularity to become “The World’s Largest Dog Show”. Here at Vetfleece, we love watching and attending this amazing event each year, so we thought we’d put together a list of interesting facts, some of which we didn’t […]
  • Pet Profile: Rabbit
    Rabbits are becoming increasingly popular pets across the UK. It is now estimated that 900,000 are kept as pets in gardens up and down the country. This comes as no surprise as they are cute, intelligent, inquisitive playful animals, which can bring endless joy. Rabbits come in a range of breeds and sizes, and typically live between 8-12 years when […]
  • How To Keep Your Dog Cool During Summer
    Vetfleece tips for keeping your pet cool It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again, but it looks like the temperatures are still rising. I know that we can’t always rely on a hot British summer, but on the days that are above average temperature we need to be aware that our furry friends need a little […]