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Springtime Adventures: The Joy of Outdoor Activities for Dogs and Owners

Lady walking her dog down a country lane on a bright sunny morning in spring

As the sun starts to peek through the clouds and the flowers begin to bloom, there’s no better time to embrace the great outdoors with our furry companions. Spring heralds a season of new beginnings, making it the perfect time to explore the world outside with our beloved dogs. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the myriad benefits that both dogs and their owners can reap from outdoor adventures, from improved physical health to enhanced mental well-being.

Physical Health Benefits

It’s no secret that regular exercise is essential for maintaining optimal health, and the same holds true for our canine friends. Outdoor activities such as walking and playing not only provide much-needed cardiovascular exercise but also help to keep our furry friends at a healthy weight and enhance muscle tone. But the benefits don’t stop there – as owners, we also benefit from increased exercise and fresh air, not to mention the boost of vitamin D from natural sunlight, which is essential for overall well-being.

Mental and Emotional Benefits

Beyond the physical, the great outdoors offers a sanctuary for the mind and soul. For dogs, being outdoors can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, leading to better behavioural patterns and an overall sense of calm. Moreover, the shared experience of exploring nature strengthens the bond between owners and their pets, fostering a deeper emotional connection that transcends words. The stimulation of the natural environment also provides a sensory feast for dogs, leading to improved moods and a greater sense of happiness.

Social Benefits

One of the joys of outdoor activities is the opportunity for socialization – not just for dogs, but for owners too. Whether it’s meeting other dogs at the park or striking up conversations with fellow dog lovers, outdoor adventures provide ample opportunities to enhance social skills and forge new connections. These interactions not only enrich our own lives but also help to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation, creating a sense of community among like-minded individuals.


As we bid farewell to the winter chill and embrace the warmth of spring, let’s make a commitment to spend more time outdoors with our furry companions. The benefits of outdoor activities for both dogs and owners are undeniable, from improved physical health to enhanced mental well-being and strengthened bonds. So, grab your leash, lace up your walking shoes, and embark on a springtime adventure with your four-legged friend – you’ll both be glad you did!

For dog owners seeking to enrich their pets’ lives and strengthen their bond through outdoor activities, this blog post serves as a friendly reminder of the joys that await in the great outdoors. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a novice explorer, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the fresh air and sunshine of spring. So, why wait? Get out there and make some memories with your furry friend today!

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Vetfleece Top Crufts Facts

Vetfleece Top Crufts Facts

Adored by dog lovers all over the world, Crufts was founded in 1891 by dog biscuit salesman, Charles Cruft and has grown in popularity to become “The World’s Largest Dog Show”.

Here at Vetfleece, we love watching and attending this amazing event each year, so we thought we’d put together a list of interesting facts, some of which we didn’t even know.

  • In 1886, five years before the first Crufts was staged, Charles Cruft started a dog show which was only open for Terriers. This was then changed and other breeds we invited to enter and the creation of the Crufts we love was born.
  • It’s a royal affair. In 1891 three of Queen Victoria’s dogs won prizes in Crufts. The following year several European royals also entered their dogs in to the show, Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia, Prince Henry of Battenburg and the Princess of Wales.
    Since 1891, Crufts has only not been held 10 times. This is due to two world wars and an electricians strike.
  • It’s a record breaker. In 1991, The Guinness Book of Records named Crufts “The World’s Largest Dog Show”.
  • Following the 4 day show, around 350kg (55 Stone) of dog hair is cleared from the floor of the Birmingham NEC.
  • Crufts have been known for their strict rules regarding purebreds, but in 2000 they introduced the Scruffts show for crossbreeds. Scruffts entrants can compete for the titles of most Handsome Dog, Prettiest Bitch, Golden Oldie and Child’s Best Friend.
  • The first “Best in Show” award took place in 1928 and it was won by a Greyhound named Primley Sceptre.
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Welcome to the new Vetfleece website

Vetfleece New Look Website

We have been listening to customer feedback and working hard to create our new website. It is faster, simpler to navigate and above all, easier to search and find the products you are looking for. Along with the new design, we also have new products added to our current range including the Jenny Wren Cage Pads and Dog Mattresses. Cannot find what you are looking for, give our sales team a call on 01262 606100 and they will be more than willing to help.